Rebel Camp: Eastern Lie – Horizon Forbidden West Guide

Rebel Camp: Eastern Lie – Horizon Forbidden West Guide

Eastern Lie is the first Rebel Camp players will encounter in Horizon Forbidden West. It involves wiping out a Tenakth Rebel Camp and defeating its

Get the LEGENDARY Sun Scourge Bow / Rebel Camps Guide – Horizon Forbidden West

This video is going over how to clear every Rebel Camps in Horizon Forbidden West with some tips along the way with the goal of acquiring the Legendary Sun Scourge Bow.

0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Spoilers Warning
0:45 – Eastern Lie
2:32 – The Hive
4:26 – Breached Rock
6:09 – Devil’s Grasp
7:22 – Sons of Prometheus Data
7:38 – Fenrise
8:32 – First Forge
10:06 – The Sun Scourge Hunter Bow overview and upgrades

Original Game Soundtrack: The World on Her Shoulders- Joris De Man / Julie Eleven
Font: JoannaVu – https://blogfonts.com/horizon-1.font

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Horizon Forbidden West Mission Rebel Camps Eastern Lie

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Eastern Lie Rebel Camp Walkthrough – Horizon: Forbidden West

A quick walkthrough of the Eastern Lie rebel camp in Forbidden West

All Rebel Camps Walkthrough Guide in Horizon Forbidden West (The Sun Scourge Legendary Hunter Bow)

Horizon Forbidden West All Rebel Camps Walkthrough Guide. How to Get The Sun Scourge Legendary Hunter Bow Location. This walkthrough will show you the Location of All the Rebel Camps so you can get The Sun Scourge Legendary Hunter Bow.

[00:00] How to Get The Sun Scourge Legendary Hunter Bow
[00:05] Rebel Camp Eastern Lie Walkthrough Guide
[02:44] Rebel Camp The Hive Walkthrough Guide
[06:14] Rebel Camp Devil’s Grasp Walkthrough Guide
[09:08] Rebel Camp Fenrise Walkthrough Guide
[13:03] Rebel Camp Breached Rock Walkthrough Guide
[18:08] Talk to Erend
[18:43] Rebel Camp First Forge Walkthrough Guide
[21:12] Kill Asera and Remember to Loot the Body for the Weapon
[24:42] The Sun Scourge Legendary Hunter Bow

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