Glass Needles – Destiny Guide

Glass Needles – Destiny Guide

Slivers of glassy material that appear to alter the flow of time around them. Said to be used by the Nine to transform the properties of Exotic

Destiny 2: All Templar Encounters – Vault of Glass 2.0 Raid Guide

Welcome back to the Vault of Glass. Today, we’ll be going over the Templar encounters in the Destiny 2 version of the raid. Atheon will be next and I’ll have my thoughts on the raid later in the week.

Introduction – 0:00
Opening the Door & Confluxes – 1:04
Oracle Encounter – 4:45
Templar Encounter – 8:50


Datto’s suggestions:

Subclasses: I really like using Stasis here mainly because it actually feels impactful and because I don’t often use it during regular play since there are rarely enough enemies in day to day content for me to really take advantage of it. In here, there are lots of enemies to freeze AND it is actually really useful to have. During Templar though, it’s all about burst supers, Thundercrash, Chaos Reach, Nova Bomb and Golden Gun. I would definitely still like 1 Well of Radiance though.

Weapons: For the first two encounters, Trinity Ghoul is absolutely amazing along with the Huckleberry. Trinity Ghoul can just wipe out huge groups of enemies in a couple of shots. You’ll really see its power in the oracle encounter, especially if you’re in the middle as you’ll have no less than a dozen goblins spawning at a time. There is no better feeling than wiping out 9 of them with 1 shot. The Huckleberry is a much more hands on weapon, but ramping it up to x3 will be no problem at all and you will mow everything down. Eriana’s Vow is perfect for taking out Hobgoblins if you’re having trouble with that. A lot of people have suggested Xenophage as well for oracles and it’ll do a great job at wiping those goblin groups. For Templar, double slug shotguns are still the way to go, but honestly, this fight is easy enough that you can get away with almost anything.

Mods: There are solar snipers from hobgoblins, goblins shoot solar guns and Templar does void splash damage. Templar is somewhat of a threat, but I think a solar protection mod wouldn’t be terrible, along with a reserves mod or Concussive Dampener to continue to protect against Templar. Offensively, Global Reach is really all you need. Slap on an Ikelos SMG, pop an orb and literally destroy the entire room. Charged With Light mods work as well, but I wouldn’t go too crazy with a build here, your standard Taking Charge/High Energy Fire or Protective Light will do, plus some generic “more ability energy” mods.

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Destiny: Glass Needles | Twist Fate on Exotics

Glass Needles & Twist Fate
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Anybody can finish Vault of Glass with this Beginners Guide. Updated for 2022.

Check this Vault of Glass Guide for Beginners, Updated for 2022, if you are new to Vault of Glass and want an updated guide with all of the tips and tricks used by sherpas to complete raids. This is a Vault of Glass Complete guide that will give you the confidence to complete all of the challenges within Vault of Glass even as a Beginner or New Player.

Intro 0:00
The Spire/Entrance 0:30
Confluxes 1:45
Oracles 3:10
Templar 7:51
Gatekeeer 10:30
Atheon 14:30
Outro 19:10

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