Fundamental Structures List – V Rising Guide

Fundamental Structures List – V Rising Guide

Fundamental structures in V Rising are the structures you need to keep your Castle going. These include the Castle Heart, borders, Palisades, your

V Rising Build – INSANE Illusion Axe Brute Blood Build For PvE / PvP Guide

This is my Endgame Illusion Axe Build for V Rising, a high damage PvE and PvP build with great AoE damage, Crowd Control and survivability. This build will help you deal with any situation in the end game from big packs of mobs to different boss fights. It has high manoeuvrability, damage output and life leech or lifesteal, which in return has great survivability as well. With different crowd control and AoE abilities, you will have no problem with loads of trash mobs, while the single target damage is also great for 1v1 encounters. Combine it with Brute Blood and you will become unstoppable on the battlefield.

V Rising – Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDFf9Cl814URBcxDl3c97zeOLuKB2Jk2v

0:00 Intro
0:35 Basic Info
0:51 Armor
1:33 Weapon & Skills
2:20 All Abilities
6:02 Blood
7:11 Consumables
8:05 Build in Action
10:03 Share your thoughts!

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How To Build Rooms V Rising Room Building Guide

Having the correct rooms built in the correct way offers huge bonuses in V Rising. Check out this room building guide for everything you need to know

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V Rising Research Guide! Paper, Scrolls, and Schematics Everything You Need To Know

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about research and how to unlock hidden items to be able to progress, so I wanted to explain how paper, scrolls, and schematics all work to help you all progress easier! This is an incredibly important part of the game and outside the main craft stations for weapons and armor, arguably the most important station to maintain!

So today let’s go over the research lab, study, and athenaeum so that you can progress in V Rising and get to max level!

V Rising Research Guide! Paper, Scrolls, and Schematics Everything You Need To Know by Redlaf

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V Rising Top Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started! Tips And Tricks For New Players! V Rising Guide

In this guide we take a look at all of the things I wish I knew when I started playing V Rising for the first time! These V Rising tips and tricks for new players will help you in your experience with V Rising, teaching you the basics and all the things you’ll need to know. Enjoy this new player’s guide for beginners.

**OUR PUBLIC PVE SERVER IS UP! Search for “The Pond” in your browser!**

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