Diglett – Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Guide

Diglett – Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Guide

Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

Pokémon Red and Blue Walkthrough – Part 9.5: Diglett’s Cave!

Yes. This walkthrough is still alive.

In this video, we obtain the bicycle and a new member of our team. Sorry for the delays with this walkthrough. I will try and get more videos uploaded in this series soon.

Yellow 18: Dig it, Diglett!

Marriland’s Pokemon Yellow Adventure Episode 18!

In this episode, I go digging around in the Diglett’s Cave, giving nightmares to poor Pikachu.


Originally starting as an April Fools Day joke in 2009, Marriland’s Pokemon Yellow Adventure was met with very positive reception, so I continued the series from there. In 2010, I stopped producing Pokemon Yellow videos to focus on SoulSilver and my website, but in October 2011, over on my website, I continued where the series left off, with new episodes starting from Episode 38 and on.

Marriland’s Pokemon Yellow Adventure has always been a lighthearted, entertaining playthrough as opposed to a tutorial video. I like to poke fun at various things in the game and am a lot more OFF THE HANDLE than I am in any of my other video series (as a general rule).

NOTE: I’m playing this on a legitimate game cartridge, using the Gameboy Player addon for the Gamecube and sending the video signal to a video capture card on my computer. And no, I’m not doing any Mew or Missingno glitches, so please don’t ask.


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Route 11, Diglett’s Cave and Backtracking | Pokemon Red and Blue Walkthrough Part 10

In this part, we clear Route 11 of all the trainers, we go through a very uneventful cave that leads us back to Route 2 where we can get some new items.

How to get Dugtrio in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow [#051]